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Crowns & Overlays

Proper Coverage

A damaged tooth that still has a healthy foundation can be protected and visually improved with the addition of a crown or overlay. Porcelain crowns, also called caps, are natural-looking covers that fit securely over a compromised tooth to correct breaks, fractures or stains.

Fitting Crowns or Overlays

To prepare your tooth for a crown or overlay, Dr. Coleman will make some adjustments to your existing tooth, ensuring a proper fit. Then, a custom porcelain crown or overlay is crafted for your tooth. A short second visit is required to fit the new covering over the existing tooth, and to give you the opportunity to approve the look.






Types of Crowns

There are several kinds of crowns and overlays available. Metal alloy crowns last longer and cause less damage to the tooth structure, while all-resin crowns cost less to create but break down sooner. Ceramic and porcelain crowns offer the most realistic color, making them an ideal choice for your visible front teeth.




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