the art of SMILE

General Dentistry

Generally Speaking

At Coleman Dental, we offer more than just cosmetic dentistry. Our clients come to us for all of their dental procedures, from toothaches and cleaning to bonding and bridges. We can even replace your older silver fillings.

Our Dental Practice

To get started, just make an appointment with us for your initial general dentistry consultation. We utilize the latest techniques and technology to help you maintain your strong and healthy teeth. You can expect to receive the same level of attention and care from the Coleman Dental team, as you will for your cosmetic dentistry needs. We assure you that your entire smile is in good hands.





Dental Procedures

Dr. Coleman uses his expertise to diagnose potential or existent dental issues, with a primary focus on the oral cavity, head and neck. Dr. Coleman will develop an individualized plan to prevent or treat general dental issues, but in some cases he will refer you to a specialist if needed.