the art of SMILE


Restorative Dental Solutions

We know that creating the perfect smile takes the artistry of a caring, capable doctor. At Coleman Dental, our state-of-the-art laser dental equipment is so precise that we can easily take care of many dental problems quickly and comfortably. Whether you need freehand bonding to fix minor imperfections or traditional and no-prep veneers, we can give you the smile of your dreams.

Advanced Dental Imaging

We start with a detailed analysis to help you make the most informed dental health choices possible. Our laser-scans can locate any decay or weak spots before they cause a serious problem, and we take digital X-rays, giving patients an immediate view of their teeth and any problems. Using the latest digital technology dramatically reduces your exposure to radiation. Plus, there’s no film processing or waiting. And our special cameras and monitors allow both you and Dr. Coleman to see a complete picture of what’s being addressed.

In-House Dental Lab

Coleman Dental is also one of just a handful of offices in the world with its own in-house dental ceramic laboratory. That means we can build custom veneers — both traditional prep or no-prep — within 24 hours, rather than having patients wait weeks. And the no-prep veneers are actually reversible. Ask the Coleman Dental staff for details.

Radiographs or X-rays

Digital images of teeth, bones and surrounding soft tissues make it easier to identify possible problems with your teeth, mouth and jaw.

Digital radiography is becoming widely used in dentistry as the technology improves.


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